3 Key Elements of MindSalt’s Expense Tracking Software


Your company’s financial information is crucial to its success. It needs to be accurate, up-to-date, and organized. Expense tracking software is a fantastic tool to streamline tasks related to common finance-related business practices, but not all programs are created equal. Here are three elements that set MindSalt Time & Expense apart from the competition.

MindSalt Expense Tracking Software Highlights

There are many elements to consider when choosing an expense tracking software. Some are more obvious than others. When evaluating potential programs, here’s where MindSalt shines.

Ease of Use

MindSalt’s expense tracking software is web-based and accessible from anywhere. It’s also intuitive, making it easy for employees to log their expenses accurately with minimal onboarding. The easy-to-use platform encourages individuals to log their expenses without delay, keeping financial records up-to-date by decreasing the risk of inaccuracy inherent in delayed entries. It also virtually eliminates the common problem of lost receipts as they can be directly uploaded via a cell phone camera immediately after the expense was incurred. 


Logging expenses is one thing; analyzing them is another. MindSalt’s expense tracking software benefits staff across all levels and departments with its robust reporting features. Expenses can be easily categorized by type, payment method, client, and project for a multitude of purposes. Managers will have a solid handle on project budgets. Billing staff will know which line items to add to client invoices. Payroll staff will have all the information they need to reimburse employees for their out-of-pocket costs. An expense tracking software system that goes beyond simple staff expense logging adds a lot of value across the entire organization.


When you’re sending, approving, and storing financial data, security is paramount. Customized workflows within MindSalt ensure that request approvals only appear in the queues of those with approval authority. This not only helps managers keep a handle on their workloads, but also reduces the chance of fraud. MindSalt also employs state-of-the-art data security measures, including:

  • Physical Security: The data center is under 24/7 surveillance with strict access controls, and also has backup power systems, advanced fire suppression, and redundant climate control systems.
  • Application Security: Information transmitted between servers and browsers is securely encrypted. The servers also reside behind secure firewalls to protect your data from being compromised.
  • Access Control: Restrict administrator privileges to the specific staff you assign. Customize screen access and reporting privileges for specific groups of users. Give employees access to the information they need, and none of the data they don’t. 
  • Data Backup: You don’t need to fear the loss of your data; it’s backed up every four hours with backup copies stored within secure facilities in two separate geographical locations

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