5 Benefits of Time Tracking Software

Big operational changes can be difficult in business. But when considering a major overhaul like web-based time tracking, the long-term benefits far outweigh the short-term effort. Whether you’re weighing this decision for your small company, trying to convince big-business stakeholders, or onboarding employees to your new time tracking system, highlight these five benefits to convince everyone it’s the right decision.

Time Tracking Software Benefits

  1. Decreased Workload. Implementing time tracking software has positive workload repercussions across all levels of staff. Employees can conveniently track their time across projects without cumbersome paperwork or location-specific punch clocks. Managers will have all the information they need to review timesheets and approve leave requests right at their fingertips, allowing them to easily complete time-sensitive tasks while in the field or traveling. Software that integrates with payroll and accounting systems means increased automation for client billing and employee pay, and a decreased need to hunt down missing or unprocessed timesheets or leave forms.
  2. Increased Accountability. Real-time tracking means real-time accountability. Field or remote workers know they are being held accountable without feeling micromanaged. Employees who bill hourly know their billable hours are being tracked. All employees’ productivity can be monitored over time, resulting in more accurate performance reviews. This improved accountability can also result in more disciplined employees and increased productivity since they not only know that managers have access to time-keeping data, but they can easily see for themselves how much time they’ve spent on individual projects.
  3. Increased Visibility. The flip side to increased accountability is increased visibility of an employee’s work. Frequently, employees go above and beyond in their efforts but fail to get recognition because their manager simply doesn’t know it’s happening. Detailed time tracking lets employees be seen for their efforts, and can even help identify areas of scope creep. This allows managers to make workload adjustments they may not have previously realized were necessary.
  4. Improved Client Relationships. Time tracking software makes it easy for employees and contractors to log their time on specific projects, resulting in more accurate and ethical client billing, and better communication with clients about job status. This improved record-keeping will also help with the accuracy of future bids and estimates, improving ongoing client relationships.
  5. Better Job Tracking. Staff time spent on a project is one of the most unpredictable budget line items, and it can quickly get out of control if not monitored closely. This is particularly true when a project includes multiple people working on multiple facets of the same project. Time tracking software allows all parties to immediately enter their time on a project so project managers can get an up-to-the-minute idea of staff costs incurred and keep a closer eye on the project status, budget, and overall timeline.

Simple and Affordable Time Tracking

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