Top 5 Time Tracking Software Frequently Asked Questions


Are you considering a new time tracking software? There are many options out there, so before you make your final choice, you need to be confident that it will work for you. Identify your needs, do your research, and sample several software options to find the one that best fits your needs. Here are the top five frequently asked questions about time tracking software to get you started on your research. 

1. How will time tracking software benefit my business?

Time tracking software offers valuable insight into staff time usage. It can be used as a tool to complement traditional project management software and automates business practices. This results in both direct cost savings and indirect savings related to staff time. Time tracking software also decreases the frequency of manual input errors and increases staff autonomy by giving them up-to-the-minute access to details, like leave or overtime balances.

2. What types of businesses should use time tracking software?

Time tracking software is beneficial to businesses of all sizes. Freelancers and firms that invoice clients for staff time can track billable hours to make invoicing easier. Small start-ups can track employee productivity and gain better insight into overall profitability. Businesses that rely on field workers, such as construction or surveying, can have off-site employees easily log their time if they use a web-based system. Large-scale operations need both consistency and individual office autonomy. A time tracking software that allows for corporate-level restrictions with local-level permissions will serve all levels of staff well.

3. What are the different types of time tracking software?

There are many different types of time tracking software. The two most common types are on-premise and cloud software solutions. On-premise time tracking software involves a hefty up-front cost to build, customize, or buy an off-the-shelf software program to install on a company’s computers and servers for employee use. System configuration and ongoing maintenance are either the responsibility of the company’s IT staff or performed by the vendor for an ongoing maintenance fee. Cloud-based software is hosted on a vendor’s server and accessible by any employee with a data or internet connection. There aren’t steep start-up fees and no server configurations or ongoing maintenance is required, but there is an ongoing subscription cost for as long as you use the platform.

4. Is time tracking software expensive?

There is a cost associated with time tracking software, but it is typically offset with savings in other business areas. Integration with payroll software automates a time-consuming business practice, saving both staff time and costs associated with payroll errors. Built-in reporting offers easy access to information to make data-informed business decisions and improve profitability. In addition, increased oversight helps assess staff productivity and evaluate project progress.

5. How will my employees respond to time tracking software?

It’s natural to be concerned about how employees may view changes to business processes. No matter how great the change, humans are naturally inclined to resist it and be skeptical. Get in front of their concerns by acknowledging the learning curve while reinforcing how the time tracking software will enhance their work environment. If employees express concerns about increased oversight, remind them that it will make their work efforts more visible to their supervisors. If staff worry about the added workload of learning a new program, assure them that you’re prioritizing a user-friendly interface to reduce the time spent on the task in the long run. Don’t be discouraged by resistance, but make sure you choose a time tracking software that will benefit employees at all levels, so it will be easier to get everyone on board.

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