Record Expenses on the Go With MindSalt’s Expense Tracking Software

Record Expenses on the Go With MindSalt's Expense Tracking Software

There’s no doubt that remote-accessible tools make life more convenient. But on-the-go business platforms like MindSalt’s expense tracking software aren’t solely about convenience. They can also improve the accuracy of company data, reduce the administrative burden for employees, and contribute to better overall business operations. Here are four ways that recording expenses on the go with MindSalt’s expense tracking software can boost your business.

Four Benefits of MindSalt’s Mobile-Friendly Expense Tracking Software

Fewer Errors: The longer an employee waits to record a business expense, the greater the likelihood it will be inaccurate, lack backup documentation, or get forgotten altogether. A tool like MindSalt’s expense tracking software isn’t just convenient – it also improves the accuracy of your records. With MindSalt Time & Expense, employees can electronically record expenses while in the field, eliminating delays that can result in costly inaccuracies. Integration with popular accounting software also eliminates human error that can happen with the manual transfer of data from one system to another.

Improved Budgeting and Project Management: MindSalt’s expense tracking software is web-based and updated in real-time. Managers can see exactly what expenses employees have incurred without waiting until the month’s end. Decision-makers can make data-informed budget adjustments, and managers can keep closer tabs on projects. Better and more timely financial information leads to improved profitability and happier, more well-informed clients. Plus, MindSalt comes with detailed reporting functions that allow you to analyze data quickly. Categorize expenses by type, payment method, client, or project to get the exact information you need to make better business decisions.

Happier Employees: Your employee might love their job, but they hate the time-consuming paperwork requirements. MindSalt’s expense tracking software transforms the traditional expense reporting burden into a task that’s completed the moment an expense is incurred. Employees can upload photo receipts using their mobile devices rather than trying to keep track of hard copies to submit with their end-of-month expense reports. Plus, client reimbursable expenses can be easily flagged and automatically invoiced, eliminating even more paperwork! Remote, in-office, and field employees will all appreciate a paperwork reduction, and your administrative staff will appreciate not having to track down late, missing, or misfiled paper submissions.

Top-Notch Security: When you use in-house expense tracking software or rely on paper-and-pencil forms, you are responsible for the security and integrity of your data. With a subscription to MindSalt, you’re not only paying for online expense tracking software, but you’re also ensuring the protection of valuable company data. MindSalt employs state-of-the-art security measures to protect your data, and backups every four hours in two separate locations to ensure you’ll never fall victim to data loss due to a catastrophic event. You can also assign custom access controls to make sure the people who need the information can access it, while the people who don’t need it, can’t.

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