What’s the Purpose of Web-Based Timesheets?


There are many options when you’re considering a new timekeeping system. Should you buy an off-the-shelf program? Develop custom software? What about punch clocks, a paper-and-pencil form, or even the honor system for your small team of employees? And what about web-based timesheets? Here’s why many companies are abandoning traditional timekeeping systems in favor of web-based models.

Why Web-Based Timesheets Are Better

So what’s the purpose of web-based timesheets? In a word: convenience. Web-based timesheets are convenient for employees performing every job at every level. Here’s how.

Convenience for Employees: Web-based timesheets are the ultimate timekeeping convenience for employees. An internet-based platform means that staff can log time from anywhere with a web connection. Remote employees, traveling employees, satellite employees, and in-office employees can complete and submit their timesheets conveniently and on time.

Convenience for Managers: Web-based timesheets help managers stay up-to-date on employee activities, hours worked, and productivity. It’s also possible to review and approve timesheets remotely, send automated reminders, and set overtime limits. Because web-based timesheets update in real-time, managers always know the status of their employees, whether in-office or remote.

Convenience for Decision-Makers: Web-based timesheets offer a wealth of information on projects, labor costs, and other business details. Decision-makers can run automated reports on billable hours, time spent on specific projects, or access historical data on man-hours to review the profitability of current fee structures and inform future bids. Web-based timesheets turn simple timekeeping data into rich business data that help inform critical company decisions.

Convenience for Support Personnel: From an infrastructure standpoint, nothing is easier to maintain than web-based timesheets. Because the entire platform lives on the web, there is no software to purchase and install, no system to configure, and no regular updates to maintain. The company manages integration with popular payroll systems, so if something changes with its ability to integrate, they are the ones who figure out how to fix it. Your set monthly subscription to a web-based timesheet platform eliminates technical headaches and makes your timekeeping-related costs predictable.

Convenience for Businesses of All Sizes: Web-based timesheets allow large corporations to use a consistent timekeeping system in all their locations without the technical hassles of installation and maintenance. They give medium-sized businesses the ability to scale up their workforce with fewer growing pains. And for small businesses, web-based timesheets offer a way to provide accountability, automate a time-consuming business practice, and easily capture billable hours for clients.

Experience the Difference With Web-Based Timesheets

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