How Time and Expense Tracking Software Benefits Remote Workers

How Time and Expense Tracking Software Benefits Remote Workers

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, only six percent of employees worked remotely full-time. The need for social distancing in 2020 accelerated the evolution of remote work and it’s now estimated that about one-quarter of the workforce will remain remote permanently. Companies need to spend time and resources developing solid remote work policies and investing in tools to support a remote workforce. Time and expense tracking software should be at the top of this list.

Remote Time and Expense Tracking Software for Employees

There are lots of time and expense tracking programs available, but when you have a remote workforce, a web-based option is ideal. A web-based time and expense tracking program can be used by all employees, both remote and on-site, and has many benefits for remote workers, including:

Access – A web-based time and expense tracking system means employees can access it from anywhere with an internet or mobile data connection. Employees can log their time, submit reimbursement requests, and input project-related expenses without any extra effort or special procedures for remote employees. All employees follow an identical process and workflow, regardless of physical location!

Accountability – One of the most challenging aspects of managing remote workers is maintaining a level of accountability equal to that of on-site employees who are under physical supervision. A time and expense tracking system that allows employees to log time spent on individual projects adds a data point and lends accountability to remote workers, so supervisors can compare work output to hours logged. On the flip side, this also helps remote workers know their supervisors see their efforts, as they don’t always get the same level of acknowledgment or feedback as in-office workers.

Automation – Time and expense tracking software automates business practices, so remote workers don’t have to complete any additional cumbersome steps to do the administrative tasks related to their work. Billable hours can be identified on their regular timesheets and turned into an invoice with the click of a button. Back-up documentation for expense reports can be photographed in-app with a mobile device rather than dealing with faxing, scanning, attaching, or mailing receipts to the office. 

Collaboration – Team-friendly work tools are critical when you have remote workers collaborating on a project. A time and expense tracking software that updates in real-time helps managers and other team members keep a better handle on budgets and project progress, allowing them to make work adjustments as necessary or communicate more effectively with clients. Managers can also break down timesheets by task, helping their remote workers identify how they should be spending their time.

Web-Based Time and Expense Tracking from MindSalt 

MindSalt is the time and expense tracking software you need to bring your on-site and remote workers together. MindSalt offers web-based access from anywhere, customized approval workflows, seamless integration with popular payroll and accounting software programs, and real-time updates for up-to-the-minute accuracy. The user-friendly platform makes onboarding a breeze, and the detailed reports give you rich data to make better business decisions and improve profitability. Plus, the transparent pricing structure means you’ll never have unexpected surprises. Try it free for 30 days!