How Time Tracking Software is Helpful to Employees

How Time Tracking Software is Helpful to Employees

Most managers are in favor of time tracking software. The increased oversight, accountability, and documentation helps ensure employees are productive. But how can you present the concept to employees without making them feel like they’re being micro-managed or that you don’t trust them? The truth is that time tracking software benefits your employees, too. Focus on these things to help them get on board.

Six Ways Time Tracking Software Helps Employees

They Can Log Time from Anywhere. Time tracking software gives your employees the freedom to work in the field or off-site while still maintaining accountability to their supervisor. They enjoy more autonomy and are trusted to effectively manage their work schedule, which allows them to maximize their work hours rather than spending time traveling to check-in at the office.

It Makes Their Productivity Transparent to Supervisors. There are always employees that go above and beyond. They work long hours, can be depended upon to take on special projects, and consistently deliver high-quality work. However, the actual workload can be more inequitable than managers realize when they’re solely focused on the deliverables rather than hours worked. Time tracking software helps recognize the high-performing employees, and can also facilitate more equitable distribution of work if necessary.

It Makes Their Productivity Transparent to Them Personally. Time tracking increases personal awareness of hours worked and brings light to personal productivity. Employees get a visual representation of their workday and may even foster some internal competition to improve performance from week to week. Increased accountability can also naturally increase employee productivity, helping them get more work done in less time.

They Are Empowered with Accurate Information. A time tracking system ensures all employees have easy access to up-to-date time off balances and other time-keeping records. This reduces the strain on HR or Payroll employees to field balance-related inquiries. It also provides a platform for employees to track time-off approval requests, and gives them a tool to follow up when necessary. 

They Can Accurately Track Project Time. Individual employees frequently work across multiple projects or budgets. Time tracking software can help them accurately split their time if the ratios are prescribed, or help your company accurately bill for client hours. A user-friendly tracking system encourages employees to log their time promptly, puts the employee in the driver’s seat, and helps them make any adjustments that may be necessary.

They Get Paid Without Delay. Everyone wants to be paid on time! Time tracking software provides a mechanism for easily reminding, submitting, and approving timesheets. Staff no longer need to worry whether their paycheck will be delayed due to late timesheets or a supervisor who’s out of the office on approval day. 

Time Tracking Software Accessible from Anywhere

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