Time Tracking Software: How it Works

Time Tracking Software How it Works

You’ve considered switching your paper-based timekeeping processes to a digital platform, but you’re concerned that the headaches of implementing and managing a new system might outweigh the benefits. If you’ve been hesitant to switch to online time tracking software, here’s how it works – from start to finish.

Steps to Using Online Time Tracking Software

1. Set up a user account.

Each user will need their own account through the online time tracking software. Pricing is a simple per-user fee structure, so you don’t have to worry about complicated fees or paying for more users than you plan to enroll.

2. Create a custom timesheet.

Timesheets can be customized based on your company’s needs. A straightforward “daily hours worked” model can be set up quickly, or you can opt for a more detailed, project-based timesheet. Detailed timesheets are helpful for tracking project progress, dictating how much time you expect employees to bill toward certain budget line items, and keeping accurate records of billable hours.

3. Establish a workflow.

To prevent timesheets from going to payroll without proper approval, establish an authorization workflow. Workflows can be a simple submission to a supervisor, or a multi-level approval process based on your company’s current practices.

4. Employee completes their timesheet.

Employees can track time from anywhere with our online time tracking tool. Because it is web-based, the only thing that’s needed is a data/internet connection. Employees simply log on to the web portal, enter their time manually, and submit it to their supervisor. There are no apps to install or software programs to configure. If employees prefer to track their time using the built-in stopwatch, there’s an option for that, too.

5. Authorized users approve timesheets based on workflow.

Approvers will get notifications when timesheets are in their queue for review and can send it on to the next step with a single click. Employees can see when it’s been approved, or where it’s been held up. And if someone is late in sending an approval, easily send them a reminder!

6. Export timesheet data to local payroll software.

Export timesheet data for easy integration with popular payroll software programs to make payday processes a breeze. No cumbersome manual entries, no data input errors, no time-consuming corrections.

7. Enjoy additional features!

Convert billable time to an invoice, allow employees to self-monitor their time-off balances, and keep close tabs on budgets and projects with real-time updates based on employee time inputs. Combine the time tracking subscription with additional expense tracking for a robust system that meets all of your company’s financial needs!

Headache-Free Time Tracking Software

If you’ve been hesitant to switch to online time tracking software, you are not alone. The good news is that a high-quality, simple time tracker can ease your concern by offering a slew of irresistable benefits with seamless implementation.

Time tracking apps like MindSalt offer increased productivity for in-house and remote teams, allowing you to manage your workforce with confidence. Say goodbye to poor project management and say hello to a powerful time tracking solution.

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