How Time Tracking Software Improves Work From Home Productivity

How Time Tracking Software Improves Work From Home Productivity

Research on work-from-home productivity is wildly inconsistent. Early data indicated that remote employees had higher levels of satisfaction and performance didn’t suffer. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the home-based workforce increased to unprecedented levels, so did productivity. But shortly thereafter the honeymoon ended, output suffered, and quarantine fatigue set in as workers missed the normalcy of the office. With no reliable data on the true productivity of an increasingly remote workforce, managers need to focus on the productivity of individual employees – which varies based on their personality, home life, and other factors at play. While this seems like a daunting task, simple tools like time tracking software can help. Here’s how to use this traditional tool in a new, non-traditional way.

Boost Productivity for Everyone on Your Team

You’ve always used time tracking software for – what else – tracking time and managing payroll. Here’s how it can also track (and boost) productivity for every employee working from home.

The Achiever

Don’t think your top performer can do any better? Think again! For a performance-oriented employee, visible performance measures can motivate them to even higher achievements. Set hourly targets in your performance review meetings and watch them continue to exceed your expectations – even from home!

The Slacker

Worried that your problem employee will become even more of a problem without in-person oversight? Time tracking software helps hold your employees accountable for their hours on the clock. Set expectations for the amount of time they spend on specific projects or tasks and compare their hours logged to their deliverable outputs. See a disconnect? You’ll have data to call them on it.

The Easily Distracted

Distractions abound at home even more than they do at the office. Laundry, kids, social media, and unfettered web browsing all compete for your employees’ attention. And while empathy and understanding are necessary when managing employees with multiple priorities, performance still matters. Time tracking software with a built-in stopwatch can help your work-from-home employee who’s struggling with work-life balance to track their time more accurately. It gives them the flexibility to complete their work on their time along with reassurance that they’re meeting their work obligations thanks to more effective time tracking. Their guilt about meeting expectations is relieved, and your concerns about their productivity are addressed. 

The Hourly Biller

You need this employee to meet their targets and generate revenue. You also need their timesheets to be accurate. Inflated hours mean unethical billing, and forgotten minutes leave money on the table. Time tracking software with integrated billing is perfect for your employee who bills clients for their time. They can log their time as soon as it’s incurred, and you can invoice clients automatically with the click of a button. No more time is wasted reviewing past schedules, estimating time spent or filling out tedious billing paperwork. It’s all automated with time tracking software. 

The Overworked

In the office, they put their head down and do their job. They consistently perform without complaint, but you see the toll it’s taking on the bags under their eyes and the slump of their shoulders. Research shows that overworking doesn’t increase output, takes a toll on an employee’s physical and mental health, and affects their overall job satisfaction. Use time tracking software to keep an eye on the work-from-home employees you’re concerned about and if you identify an imbalance, take the opportunity to rebalance their workload. They’ll maximize their productivity during a more reasonable workday and, more importantly, you’ll have a happier and healthier employee.

The Competitor

Want to tap into your employees’ competitive sides? Use time tracking software to have a little fun and set up a friendly performance competition! See which individual can finish their project the fastest, or see which team logs the most billable hours in a month. The winner gets a prize!

Time Tracking Software for All Your Employees

MindSalt Time & Expense is the perfect time tracking solution for both your remote and in-office workforce. The web-based platform is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, and integrated features mean one of your company’s most time-intensive administrative tasks is automated. Ready to see what a difference it can make for your employees, managers, administrative staff, and overall productivity? Sign up for a free trial today!