Why Web-Based Timesheets Are Necessary for Every Company

Why Web-Based Timesheets Are Necessary for Every Company

Small, medium, and large businesses all have unique needs and challenges. Still, there’s one business tool that’s helpful no matter the size or industry. Here’s why web-based timesheets are necessary for businesses of any size.

Web-Based Timesheets for Small Startups

Web-based timesheets seem like a low priority when you’re dealing with all the other things involved in starting a business. Why spend the time and money to set up an electronic system when manual methods work perfectly fine for your small team? 

Because automation and efficiency will make your life easier.

Have your freelancers submit their hours through web-based timesheets instead of email invoices that get lost in your inbox. Have employees log their hours by project so you have a record of how much time they’re spending to help you develop a more data-informed fee structure. Easily invoice clients for billable hours with the click of a button. Sure, you can do all these things manually when you’re running a small business, but automating timesheets will free up more time to focus on your real priority: growing your business.

Web-Based Timesheets for Medium-Sized Businesses

Medium-sized businesses need more set processes and procedures than small-scale operations but don’t need as many complex and expensive business tools as multinational corporations. So why are web-based timesheets useful for medium-sized businesses? 

Web-based timesheets are accessible from anywhere, so your in-office employees, your field-based reps, and your work-from-home team members can all submit their timesheets as expected. Using a consistent platform among all staff also gives you access to company-wide reporting, offering managers insight into individual performance and project progress. Upper management will have access to better information about overall profitability and you’ll reduce operating expenses by automating administrative processes and eliminating errors. And best of all, using web-based timesheets will help make business growth easier since you already have a system in place that scales up effortlessly.

Web-Based Timesheets for Large Corporations

Two things matter when running a large business: consistency and communication. Web-based timesheets meet both of these needs. 

Web-based timesheets offer a consistent platform for tracking employee time across locations and departments. Administrative rules created at the corporate level ensure all employees comply with policies around overtime or approval workflows. Back-end access lets you see where submissions get delayed, and automated reminders prevent staff from the arduous task of following up on individual timesheets. Run reports to review performance and staff costs for specific projects, departments, or locations to assess profitability. And finally, easily export timesheet information to your payroll program or contracted payroll provider.

The Web-Based Timesheet for Any Size Business

Ready to try web-based timesheets? MindSalt’s user-friendly platform, robust automated reports, and easy integration with popular payroll programs make it a natural choice for any business, and its transparent pricing structure makes it accessible. Web-based timesheets are available anywhere with internet access and will keep your employees connected and paid on time whether they’re in the office, at their home, or across the globe. Make the time tracking process easier for everyone while still retaining control of company policies, and gain valuable business insights you never knew you were missing. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today!