Web-Based Timesheets: What Are They and How Do They Work?

web-based timesheets what are they and how do they work

Time-tracking is a critical part of any business. Managers need to know that employees are accountable for their hours on the job, and team members deserve to be paid on time. Web-based timesheets are a great workplace solution that makes life easier for everyone including employees, managers, and accounting/payroll staff. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Are Web-Based Timesheets?

Web-based timesheets are time-tracking systems accessible from anywhere. They are a modern alternative to the traditional punch clock, manual submissions, or fillable spreadsheets that many businesses use to track employee hours.

How Do Web-Based Timesheets Work?

Web-based timesheets work using a web browser and internet connection. There are no special apps to install or software programs to configure. Employees have a unique, secure login that gives them access from their desktop computer or mobile device and because everything is internet-based, all entered information is available in real-time to other relevant parties like supervisors, project managers, or payroll staff.

What Are the Benefits of Web-Based Timesheets?

Web-based timesheets offer many benefits, including:

  • They’re accessible from anywhere
  • Employees have easy access to up-to-date time off balances
  • Improved accountability for off-site employees
  • Easy centralization for large corporations
  • Faster approvals and built-in workflows
  • Real-time labor costs for project managers
  • Seamless integration with existing payroll systems

Who Should Use a Web-Based Timesheet?

Web-based timesheets aren’t just for hourly employees who need to track their time to get paid. They offer benefits to nearly every type of employee, including:

Salaried Employees: Use time tracking software to track salaried employees’ time on individual projects or to help them accurately divide their time if they’re funded by multiple budgets. Accustomed to negative time tracking for those on salary? No problem! Web-based timesheets can also be used to track time off instead of time worked. Employees also have access to up-to-date vacation, sick time, or PTO balances so they know exactly where they stand when reporting their time.

Hourly Employees: Accurate time tracking is critical for hourly employees. Missed deadlines and delayed approvals mean their paychecks are late or their overtime gets denied. A web-based timesheet lets hourly employees easily log their time, and notifies the appropriate parties when timesheet approval is needed.

Field Employees: Time tracking is especially challenging for off-site workers. Manual systems can require an on-site check-in, wasting valuable time and travel. Honor system reporting leaves little oversight or accountability. Web-based timesheets offer a convenient way to track time off-site while also giving added transparency appreciated by their supervisors.

Employees Who Log Billable Hours: Web-based timesheets are a great solution for employees who log billable hours to clients. Up-to-date and accurate tracking makes monthly billing easy for the accounting department!

Contractors and Freelancers: Tired of waiting for invoices to come in to know where you stand on your latest project? A web-based timesheet for a contractor or freelancer will keep you apprised of their labor costs in real-time. And instead of manual entry, they can use a stopwatch-style tracker so you know the time logged is accurate.

Web-Based Timesheets from MindSalt

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